A growing human population with finite resources requires a progressive system of agriculture. The Jeremy Coller Foundation seeks to highlight and challenge the unsustainable practices of factory farming, and to support the development of alternative methods of food production.

We believe that the investment community has a vital role to play here. As concern among consumers about the way in which animals are treated in the course of producing meat, dairy or egg products increases, we can already see that farm animal welfare is also growing in importance for investors in the food industry. Higher standards of welfare are not only important to meeting consumer expectations but can also have a beneficial effect on business efficiency, profitability and long-term market value when health risks are taken into account.

In addition to animal welfare, there are many more risk issues connected to factory farming which are rising up the agenda of investors. Our initiative, Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return, aims to further this.


Serial Investor, Serial Citizen

Jeremy Coller’s interview at the BVCA Summit, which includes a discussion on animal welfare and ESG.

End Animal Factory Farming

YouTube channel aggregating informative video content on factory farming.