The Coller Institute of Private Equity, a world-renowned research centre and debating forum on private equity, was housed at London Business School between 2008 and 2016.

In a successful eight year partnership, the Coller Institute at LBS advanced the link between academia and private equity practitioners. Taking an interdisciplinary approach to research, the Institute’s focus areas encompassed strategy, economics, organisation and management as well as finance.


Private Equity Findings started life as the publication of the Coller Institute of Private Equity. At the start of 2016, as our sponsorship of the institute came to its planned end, we released issue 11 of Private Equity Findings as our final collaborative publication.

The publication showcases the best of the latest academic research on private equity from leading academic institutions around the world in a practitioner-friendly way. Its mission is to act as a bridge between the academic and practitioner communities in the private equity sector, informing rigorous academic research with real-life data and helping practitioners to use the findings to improve performance.

Private Equity Findings goes out to a readership of 25,000 private equity practitioners and academics around the world. Through syndication, its content reaches an audience of 50,000.