Letter to The Times on antibiotic use in agriculture

June 8, 2016

This week the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics coordinated a letter to the editor of The Times concerning the need for greater political action against the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture. The Alliance is a coalition of health, medical, environmental and animal welfare groups campaigning to put an end to the overuse of antibiotics in animal farming. It was founded by the Soil Association, Compassion in World Farming and Sustain and is supported by the Jeremy Coller Foundation. The letter outlines the issue that although the overuse of antibiotics in human medicine and the rise of antibiotics are on the global agenda, there is still a lack of consideration being given to the use of antibiotics in farming. Members of the Alliance include Babulal Sethia, president of the Royal Society of Medicine, Professor John R Ashton, president of the UK Faculty of Public Health and Murat Akova, president of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases amongst many other highly respected professionals from the medical, health, agricultural, environmental, consumer and animal welfare sectors. This letter represents the strongest demonstration of support and concern from the medical community on this issue to date.

Read the fullĀ letter here (subscription only):